I don't feel the way I've even felt.
I know.
I'm gonna smile and not get worried.
I try but it shows...
Anyone can make what I have built.
And better now
Anyone can find the same white pills
That take my pain away...
It's a lie. A kiss with open eyes
And he's not breathing back.
Anything but bother me.
(It takes my pain away)
Nevermind these are hurried times.
Oh oh oh
I can't let it bother me.
I never thought I'd walk away from you.
I did.
But it's a false sense of accomplishment.
Everytime time I quit
Anyone can see my every flaw.
It isn't hard.
Anyone can say they're above this all.
but it takes my pain away.
I can't let it bother me.
It takes my pain away.
It's a lie, a kiss with open eyes, he's not breathing back...


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